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photo courtesy Xanterra

Maswik Lodge Grand Canyon NP, 1967
Not Classified
Location: 2000' from South Rim, on site of original Motor Lodge
Theme: Blend of Mission 66 Modern with parkitecture
Construction by the Fred Harvey Co. 1967
Known Timeline:
Motor Lodge constructed by Fred Harvey Co. for Santa Fe Railroad, 1927
Cafeteria constructed 1940
24 Cabins added 1946
12 Cabins added 1947
22 Cabins moved from Bright Angel Lodge 1948
120 Cabins modernized 1948
Sold to the Fred Harvey Co., 1954
Some cabins upgraded 1955
Most cabins demolished & replaced by new 2-story structure, 1967
Fred Harvey Co. purchased by Xanterra Parks & Resorts, 1968
Renamed Maswik Lodge 1983
280 rooms reported 2008


Maswik Lodge has a kind of "it's there but it isn't there" feel to it -- you're close to the Grand Canyon, but you wouldn't know it from your surroundings. As a result, Maswik is one of the runner-ups in the canyon lodging mix. People will cancel a reservation in Tusayan if a room at Maswik should open up, the goal of course to be as close to the rim as possible.

room at maswik north

above, typical room in Maswik north. Photo courtesy Xanterra.

At about 2,000' from the rim, the Maswik is relatively close. Relative is the key concept here, because on a hot summer day with the sun beating mercilessly, a lot of people find that short walk to be unbearable. The park service provides transportation; unfortunately the ride system seems to consume a lot of time.

room at maswik south

above, typical room in Maswik south. Photo courtesy Xanterra.

As with all Xanterra properties at Grand Canyon, rooms are spotlessly clean and in very good condition. There are some subtle differences between Maswik "north" and "south." Rooms in north tend to be larger and almost twice as expensive. South thus represents one of the best values in Grand Canyon lodging. Regardless, both facilities echo the Mission 66 philosophy, so they don't evoke much sentiment nor add much to the park experience. The decor is pleasant enough, however, it doesn't cover the fact that Maswik is a motel of mundane modernity.

exterior of maswik south

above, exterior styling at Maswik south. Photo courtesy Xanterra.

The Maswik is located on the site of the 1927 Motor Lodge, the name used by the property until the 1980s. There are a few lingering pieces of the past, namely, the summertime cabins. These cabins have been revamped with many modern conveniences -- notably indoor plumbing -- yet they still retain their decades-old individuality and charm. If you are making a reservation at Maswik, consider that the cabins provide an ambiance and an authenticity not found in the modern motel buildings.

interior of one of the maswik cabins

above, interior of one of the charming cabins at Maswik. Photo courtesy Xanterra.


Maswik Lodge is a motel experience close to the Grand Canyon's South Rim. It is a terrific value for the location. Room accessibility, decor, cleanliness & quality are excellent. The individual cabins, when available, provide an experience worthy of Classification IV, special merit. The Maswik as a whole is not classified by NPLAS because it has very little historic value, and the overall structures do not provide a significant National Park Lodge experience.

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Around Maswik

Maswik Lodge tries to be rustic, but other than the cabins, it can't really be considered in the same class as Bright Angel nearby. The cafeteria, shown below, has the expected unspectacular fare. Like the rest of Maswik, the modern southwest decor in the cafeteria is pleasant, the facilities are clean, and the value is as good as you could hope for within a National Park.

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